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Coming June 24: more reasons to look at SLF for your insurance needs

On June 13, 2013, we told you about enhancements to SunTerm and new age and amount underwriting requirements for all life insurance and Sun Critical Illness Insurance (Sun CII). These changes help meet your large case needs and make it easier for you to do business with us.

New sales strategy to help you grow your business

You now have another solution to help your clients maximize the value of their estate and reduce taxes associated with their taxable investments. And not only that, maybe even improve overall portfolio diversification, while helping to preserve liquidity.

Your action is required by November 30  for clients turning age 71 this year who own an RRSP

The Income Tax Act requires clients turning 71 this year who own retirement savings plans to either convert to a retirement income vehicle or collapse those plans by December 31, 2013. On June 19, notification will be sent to you with a copy of the letter sent to clients you service who are turning 71. It is important to contact clients who are turning 71 this year to perform a valuable service for them and help them comply with federal regulations.

Updates to the client call authentication process for Customer Care Centre and Individual Operations teams

Starting June 24, the Customer Care Centre (CCC) and Individual Operations will pilot an updated authentication process with a select number of customer service representatives for Individual client calls. The process will be rolled out in the fall to all teams.

Fidelity Investments Canada fund name change impact on universal life policies

On February 1, 2013, Fidelity Investments Canada changed the name of the Fidelity Growth America Fund to Fidelity U.S. Focused Stock Fund. We are now sending this letter to policyholders who have an investment account linked to this fund to notify them about the change.

Premier Partner Conference 2013 – A guide to Turkish cuisine and qualification reminder

The rows of spices in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar are not only a sensual delight, but are an excellent indication of the range of enticing flavours you can expect from Turkish cuisine. The spice trade in Turkey is known for bridging the cultures of Asia, Africa and Europe, so you can expect to experience flavours from each of these cultures in the dishes you’ll try. Read about Turkish cuisine in the seventh issue of our 2013 Premier Partner Conference newsletter Reach for the sun – Sugar and spice.

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