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Foresters Insurance | Foresters lowers policy fees on term products

Foresters is pleased to announce that we will be lowering the policy fees for our term products1 by $20 effective May 27, 2013.

Now our term premiums are more competitive than ever!

Here is how our new premiums stack up against 6 key competitors according to LifeGuide May 2013:

pic1 pic2

Click here for a PDF with more examples of our competitive term rates.

Foresters is dedicated to providing you with products that are easy to sell. Starting May 27th, you will be able to offer your clients the same great value and additional benefits of our term products but at lower rates.

These lower rates apply to any Term 5, Term 10, Term 15, Term 20, Term 25 or Term 30 application submitted or pending as of May 27 2013. Please note: we will not re-issue policies that are inforce.

This reduction in policy fees will replace all current policy or multi-policy fee discounts. Our Sky illustration software will automatically update on May 27th.

For more information about our term products, contact your regional Sales Director or call 800 267 8777.

As always, we appreciate your support.

Foresters™ is the trade name and a trademark of The Independent Order of Foresters, a fraternal benefit society, 789 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Canada M3C 1T9; its subsidiaries are licensed to use this mark.
1Term insurance products are insured by Foresters Life Insurance Company.
LifeGuide is a Registered Trademark of CompuOffice Software Inc.
Initial annual premiums rounded to the nearest dollar.
409654 CDN (05/13)

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