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La Capitale | New for Spring 2013

This Info Bulletin gives you an overview of La Capitale’s new products and product updates for the spring of 2013.

Beginning today, you will be able to download version 7.5 of the Strategis product illustration software. Simply follow the instructions below.

Good News


Life Insurance

    • Term Life Insurance 20-year fixed term, bands of $100,000 and more and non-smokers
    • Term Life Insurance 25 and 30 years, bands of $100,000 and $250,000 for non-smokers under age 40.

New for the Disability Income Benefit, now included at no extra cost, coverage in the event of involuntary loss of employment for the insured policyholder (reimbursement of the contract’s total premiums):

    • Payable for 5 months, 90-day elimination period and retroactive to 30 days, maximum of $200 per month

The 100% Pure Protection Life Insurance is now a permanent product payable for life, and the insured capital will now be paid upon the insured’s death, rather than endow at age 100.

Quotation tool

From now on, inputting coverage when there is more than one insured will be easier.


Rate Changes to a range of La Capitale Products

Because of the historically low level at which interest rates have persisted and the volatility in financial markets, La Capitale has increased some of its Individual Insurance product rates. The Company had no alternative but to make these adjustments to ensure the sustainability of its products and their features over the long term. The rate changes will enable us to maintain the quality of our products and continue to provide our clients with the financial security they desire.


Critical Illness Insurance

    • Extended version and Children’s Critical Illness, Extended Second Chance and Second Chance for Children

Life Insurance:

    • Permanent Life Insurance Advantage
      • Non-participating Permanent, 10, 15, 20-years and for life
      • Non-participating Permanent payable to age 65, minimum of 25 years
    • Permanent Life Insurance 100% Pure Protection
    • Universal Life Insurance Life Saver
      • 10-, 15- and 20-years limited payment and for life
      • Payable until age 65, minimum of 25 premiums

Savings products

LifeAnew Deferred Life Annuity, the death benefit rate goes from 3% to 2%.


The rates will be in effect as of March 19, 2013 when the illustration software is updated. Note that any application signed before March 19 and received before April 2, 2013 will be approved based on the previous rates.

Please note that for the Deferred Life Annuity LifeAnew, the illustration must also have been printed before March 19, 2013.


The Life and Critical Illness (T072), Long Term Care (T119), Simplified Second Chance T079 and Affirmative T056 applications have all been updated. Please use the new versions exclusively. You can order them from your general agent. They are also available through illustration software, in the La Capitale Sales Documentation.


To download the product illustration software update (Strategis 7.5), go to

On the right of the screen, click on Access Expertis.
User code: democot / Password: demolacap
Click on Download and on Download La Capitale (full version).

For more information on our products or our product illustration software, contact us!

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