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Marketing Monthly | Canadian Taxes

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In this issue: With fewer tax breaks for child-care, what’s left for Canadian parents? Top questions the CRA gets at tax time Eight things to remember at tax time What the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 means to Canadian and U.S. citizens Insurance planning opportunities in light of new tax measures SimpleTax: 2018 Canadian Income Tax Calculator …

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Marketing Monthly | March 2018: Unexpected windfall dos and don’ts

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In this issue: Sudden wealth – how not to blow it 4 important steps to protect your sudden wealth 10 ideas on what to do with your tax refund this year The 4 things you should never do with your tax refund Sudden wealth – How not to blow it Cash windfalls are a nice problem to have. They can …

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Marketing Monthly | February 2018: RRSP’s

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In this issue: 65% of Canadians are saving for retirement RRSP Savings calculator 2018 Personal tax calendar 65% of Canadians are saving for retirement Almost two-thirds of Canadian households are saving for retirement, census data show, despite a national household savings rate that fell to 4.6 per cent in the second quarter of this year. Of 14 million households, 65.2 …

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Marketing Monthly | January 2018: TFSA

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In this issue: CRA confirms TFSA limit for 2018 TFSA or RRSP? Try these five tests The Wealthy Barber explains: TFSA or RRSP? CRA confirms TFSA limit for 2018 The TFSA contribution limit for 2018 will remain $5,500. The indexation adjustment for personal income tax and benefit amounts is 1.5% for 2018, which is not enough to raise the TFSA …

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Marketing Monthly | December 2017: Holiday Spending

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In this issue: 2017 Canadian holiday outlook 5 Budgeting Tips for the Holidays Objects versus experiences: which make the better gift? Looking to give back this season? Check out these charitable gift guides 2017 Canadian holiday outlook The holiday season is almost upon us, bringing with it lots of shopping but also a host of interesting trends. Where and when …

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Marketing Monthly | November 2017: Disability & Long Term Care

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In this issue: CLHIA | A guide to disability insurance Why should you consider income replacement insurance? Revolutionizing mental health-related disability claims management How much disability insurance coverage do you need? CLHIA | A guide to disability insurance This guide is designed to help you understand disability insurance and explain what your options are for income replacement in the event …

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Marketing Monthly | October 2017: Living Benefits

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In this issue: Is critical illness insurance worth it? ‘I didn’t die:’ Cancer free, with no retirement savings Manulife: A look at our critical illness insurance claims Is critical illness insurance worth it? Bonita Boutilier’s purchase of critical illness insurance in 2003 proved to be prescient. The then 36-year-old Vancouver-based massage therapist bought the $100,000 10-year term policy on the …

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Marketing Monthly | September 2017: The RESP

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In this issue: Government of Canada | Registered Education Savings Plans iA Financial | How does the RESP work? RESP withdrawal rules and strategies for 2017 Manulife Financial | RESPs – No longer just for kids Manulife Financial | The rising cost of education: How will you pay for it? Manulife Financial | Secure your grandchildren’s post-secondary education needs Government …

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Marketing Monthly | August 2017: Selling to the next generation

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In this issue: Transferring the family cottage How to compensate and motivate millennials in sales Here’s what it takes to get a millennial to buy life insurance Why a millennial should have life insurance Transferring the family cottage The family cottage should invoke memories of warm weather, sunshine, and happiness. Unfortunately, for some, estate battles or family fights surrounding the …

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Marketing Monthly | July 2017: Saving for Summer Vacation

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In this issue: How to travel Canada this summer, Globe-style 6 really useful things you can do with your TFSA 7 Unforgettable Southern Ontario Road Trips Vacations top list of savings goals How to travel Canada this summer, Globe-style It’s not too late to plan a grand Canadian adventure for your summer vacation. Canada 150 celebrations will be taking across …

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