2017 Presentations

Fall General Meeting | September 12, 14, 19, 20

New CE Compliance Tool

CE-Tracker is a free online CE tracking service that you can use to easily track your CE requirements, and the CE credits you have earned to date – for all Life Licenses, Mutual Fund Licenses, and designations you may hold.

Having reviewed this CE compliance tool, we expect that CE-Tracker will make it easier for you to earn and track your CE credits, but more importantly we expect that this tool will simplify things if your CE credits are audited.

CE-Tracker allows you to easily enter all of your CE activities and CE credits, as well as lets you upload and store your CE certificates online.  If you become the subject of a CE audit, CE-Tracker also has an Audit Reporting function built in to even make that simple and stress free for you.

CE-Tracker has been vetted and approved by all 16 Governing Bodies across Canada.

What does this mean for you?

  • Once you enter a CE Credit, CE-Tracker will allocate it to all appropriate Licenses and Designations.  This may reduce the number of CE Credits you need to earn.
  • You can upload and store all of your CE Certificates electronically in CE-Tracker, which means you will not lose any more CE Certificates.  As you know, if you don’t have the CE Certificate, you can’t prove you have earned the CE Credits for a CE Audit.
  • You can record your CE Activities before you receive your CE Certificate, which helps you remember which CE Certificates you have not received yet.  No more worrying about earning more CE Credits at the last minute just to make sure.
  • CE-Tracker also sends you reminder emails as you get closer to your renewal dates if you don’t have enough CE Credits yet.  This will prevent any panicked last minute rush to earn your CE Credits in time.
  • CE-Tracker is FREE for you to use!  No strings attached!

This can be an important CE compliance tool.  To create your account click here.