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Doctors Call for High-Income Surtax

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A group of doctors is calling on federal and provincial governments to raise income taxes levied on high-income Canadians.

They are launching a campaign to get support for the idea, using the slogan “Tax us. Canada’s worth it.”

Doctors for Fair Taxation are proposing new surtaxes that would tax any income over $100,000.

People who earn between $100,000 and $170,000 would pay an extra 1% on the income between those two figures and income between $170,000 and $640,000 would be subject to an extra 2% levy.

Income over $640,000 and less than $1.85 million would be hit with an additional 3% and income over $1.85 million would be subject to an additional surtax of 6%.

The group estimates that the federal government would earn an extra $3.5 billion a year and Ontario would raise an extra $1.7 billion.

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