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Social Media Tops Internal Auditors' Hot List

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Increasingly, internal audit professionals must possess a strong understanding of hot areas of technology, such as cloud computing and social media—and the risks they bring—in order to perform their jobs, according to a new study from global consulting firm Protiviti.

With a focus on technology, the sixth edition of Protiviti’s Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey assesses internal auditors’ skills and knowledge, and identified those competencies most in need of improvement, with more than 800 internal audit professionals from around the world participating in the survey.

Many internal auditors have admitted that their technology IQ could be improved a few points, both in understanding new technologies and employing technology-enabled auditing processes.

“Technological advancements in virtually every organization are creating new challenges and opportunities for internal audit professionals,” said Brian Christensen, Protiviti executive vice-president and head of global internal audit for the firm.

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