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Transamerica | ePara Pilot by Hooper-Holmes Canada

Transamerica Life Canada New Business and Underwriting — Looking forward to 2012!

Here is one of the great things you can expect to see from us this year:

We are excited to announce that we are participating in an ePara® pilot conducted by Hooper-Holmes Canada in the Greater Toronto Area beginning March 1, 2012! Transamerica is one of the first in the industry to utilize this new technology. The pilot will run for a three month period, and then will extend to other regions.

How it works:

ePara is a digitized paramedical app that resides on a tablet device to give our health professionals an efficient tool to complete paramedicals electronically. It is the same paramedical visit your clients are used to but instead of paper format the information will be captured electronically!

We are eager to start this pilot because of the benefits to you and your clients:

– Improved turnaround time
– Paramedical received by Transamerica electronically – same day
– Potentially faster policy issue
– Ensures accuracy and completeness of all paramedicals
– Eliminates paperwork or misplaced documents
– Enhanced security features
– No information resides on the device after it has been transmitted
– Environmentally friendly

This is just one example of how we are continuing to streamline our underwriting process in 2012.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights from our 2011 year end review:

New electronic workflow program – helping to improve the handling of life new business applications
New APS Policy – reducing the number of second follow-ups to doctors resulting in faster, more efficient processing.

We will keep you updated throughout the year as we are continuously working on enhancements to our new business and underwriting process.

Thank you for choosing Transamerica.

Best regards,

Helene Chatelain, FALU, FLMI
VP, Underwriting, Claims & Chief Underwriter

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