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Sun Life | Competitive Edge: Save Time with SLF Tele-Interviewing

Time. It’s at a premium, and there never seems to be enough. At Sun Life Financial, we’re working on innovations that allow you to use your time more effectively, get answers more quickly and results faster.

Our tele-interview process uses Hooper Holmes Canada, an experienced third-party provider to gather evidence for insurance applications and submit it directly into Sun Life Financial’s new business system. Their dedicated tele-interviewing facilities are staffed with skilled and knowledgeable professionals, enabling them to provide fast and responsive service in English, French and a number of other languages to service a range of Canadians.

Better information

By offering clients the tele-interview option and a short-form application instead of having them complete all of the questions on a paper application, you’re increasing the amount of information gathered earlier in the application process. Our unique interview structure doesn’t include open-ended questions, removing the possibility of interpretation by the interviewer. Instead, questions are drilled down based on previous answers. Clients won’t need to answer follow-up questions and it will help speed up the underwriter’s decision.

Faster decisions

Once the tele-interview is completed, we receive the interview electronically and underwriting can begin. The results are fed into our underwriting rules engine that’s loaded with thousands of rules. As a result, more cases will qualify for “straight through processing” and will be electronically underwritten and automatically issued.

Sun Life Financial’s tele-interviewing service offers you the ability to choose how you want to use your time.

To learn more visit the tele-interview page on our website or contact your Regional Sales Director.

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